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Loose Fill Insulation in Nashville, Brentwood and Franklin

Loose fill, or blown-in, insulation is one of the most efficient types of insulation on the market today. Perfect for both retrofits and new constructions, the particles used in loose fill insulation are designed to fit into small cracks and crevices. This easy to install and energy efficient insulation is designed to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

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What is Loose Fill Insulation?

Loose fill insulation is usually made from a combination of materials like cellulose, fiberglass particles, and mineral wool. Each of these materials is typically produced using recycled material. For example, the cellulose that’s used in loose fill is usually taken from recycled newsprint, and the fiberglass is typically made up of 40 – 60% recycled glass.

Loose fill is installed by blowing the loose material into enclosed (or semi-enclosed) spaces. Because it is loose and airborne, it will float around the space, filling up every corner, crack, and crevice. This makes it especially good at reducing drafts because, unlike fiberglass batt, it doesn’t leave any space uninsulated. There are no ‘seams’ or spaces between the insulation and the studs it sits between.

Benefits of Loose Fill Insulation

The most obvious benefit of loose fill insulation is its ability to insulate awkward and hard-to-reach spaces. It’s perfect for crawl spaces and attics where getting the right measurements and installing fiberglass batt can be a challenge.

We use a special blowing machine to shoot the insulation into space. Because it is so soft, it will compress and fill the entire space. Once enough insulation has been blown in, it will cover the entire space without remainder. Plus, it can be densely packed, ensuring that no unwanted air can get through.

Loose fill insulation is also a great option for home or business owners who need to insulate or upgrade an existing building. This process is called retrofitting. With loose fill, there’s no need to tear out the walls to get the insulation in. We can create small holes and blow the insulation into the walls. That means the upgrade requires little to no invasive construction work for the installation. It also means that the overall installation costs for loose fill are much cheaper than other types of building insulation.

Loose Fill Insulation is a Long-Term Investment

Loose fill insulation is a great way to save money in the long run. After the relatively minor and very affordable installation costs, you’re likely to start seeing cost savings on your energy bill right away. Over the course of months and years, you’ll see significant savings. And, because loose fill is such an effective insulator, it’s also a selling point and will raise the property value of your home.